What is a Financial Coach?

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Do you feel on top of your finances? Confident that you’re on the right track and making good financial decisions? According to a report from the 2020 Consumer Literacy Survey ...

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What’s an Emergency Fund, and do I need one?

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The common phrase many have heard growing up is that “you have to save for a rainy day”. This is really saying that you need to be ready for when ...

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2 Methods to Pay Down Debt: Snowball & Avalanche


To really get a grip on our debt, we need to become the boss with a plan to remove it from our lives. We all do this differently based on ...

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How Student Loans Work

Money and education

Student loans are a hot topic right now in the United States. The current statistic is that roughly 44 million people carry a total of $1.5 Trillion of student debt. ...

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